Course Registration
Course Registration

Our dear students,

Our university will use the newly developed/structured student and academic information software system in the fall 2020 semester. Therefore, until the new software system is activated, all courses will be opened and conducted collectively over UZEBİM.


  • -Our NEW students can login to UZEBIM ( with the same username and password they have logged in to the portal and start course selection.
  • The following short GUIDE can be used for course selection.
  • If your registration has not been completed yet and you do not have a password, you should contact STUDENT AFFAIRS. You can log in directly to UZEBIM with the password given to you.
  • It is recommended that you contact your COURSE ADVISOR at the FACULTY you are affiliated with regarding the courses to be chosen.
  • Your existing password can only be changed on the portal. When you change your password, it automatically changes it for UZEBİM too.


  • Our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th YEAR students should first consult their academic advisors regarding course selection. Then, they can login with their existing passwords in UZEBIM and enrol in their new courses.
  • These students should send an e-mail to if they experience a problem with login.

We wish all our students health and success in the new term.


Click to download Course Selection Guide